Range Operating Proceedures

  •  The Duty RO has the primary responsibility for the operation of all Ranges on the day.
  • All ranges will be closed by default and will only be opened by the Duty RO who will appoint the Range RO for those ranges that the days shooting activities are to be carried out on.
  • Members are expected to register their participation in the days scheduled activities before any other ranges will be opened for any other shooting.
  • A closed range may be opened by the Duty RO at the request of any B endorsed member, but only if Range RO requirements can be met.
  • B endorsed Members may RO themselves if they are the only person on the range, but if there are at least two Members on a range one Member must be a qualified RO.
  • No pistol shooting is permitted on any Range that hasn’t had a Range RO appointed by the Duty RO.
  • The Duty RO must update the Range whiteboard for any change in the Range RO during the day.
  • Visitors are only permitted to shoot .22 cal 60 round ISSF practice match.
  • All members must record their scores with the Range RO or on the Attendance Sheet, an attendance will only be recorded if an organised match score is recorded.